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Keep the story alive

The Lost Battalion is a unique digital record of Australian experiences during World War II.
If you wish to support the organic evolution of The Lost Battalion, you can read the story as it unfolds by paying $1.50 for each Chapter Key, with which you can unlock the next chapter.
As organic literature, you will see the story evolve via The Lost Battalion website. The book can also be read on mobile phone.
The Lost Battalion will ultimately include an Honour Roll, a comprehensive list of the names of all those who fought, were wounded or died in action serving in the South Australian 2/27th Battalion AIF during World War II.
The final retail price of The Lost Battalion, in both printed and ebook form (excluding postage and handling), will be based on public interest.
A discounted first edition copy of the book will be made available to readers who pay $1.50 for each Chapter Key to unlock consecutive chapters uploaded on the website.
Simply press the Donate button below. The Chapter Key will be sent to you by email or via smart phone SMS, along with instructions for use.
To be listed for Chapter Key access to The Lost Battalion, please ensure you submit your contact and postal details to Organic Publishing via the Contact Form.

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