Can you help?

If you can identify a 2/27th Battalion soldier pictured in this gallery, please don't hesitate to email with a name and serial number, preferably accompanied by a photograph for visual comparison.

Reader input with identifying information is greatly appreciated and will be used to update photographic captions where possible, making The Lost Battalion website more accurate while also providing feedback for family members who have provided images for upload in the hope of discovering more information about the soldiers pictured.

Middle East: Roy Kromer (SX4216), far right, pictured with fellow 2/27th Battalion infantrymen on leave in Beirut.

A bit of a larrikin: Raymond Rosser (SX12013), pictured on leave in Palestine. Son Daryl Rosser says his father was no saint. "His offences included disobeying a lawful command given by his superior officer and failing to appear at the place of parade appointed by his CO, for with he was docked two-day's pay," he said. 

A beer with mates: Raymond Rosser (SX12013), pictured third from left, on leave in Beirut with fellow 2/27th Battalion members. 

Mates: Second from left, George Kemp Goed (SX4301) with a group of soldiers on work duty.

Palestine: 2/27th Battalion B Company photographed in May 1941. Picture: Vic Lemon (AWM008411)

Before deployment: 2/27th Battalion C Company in parade uniform.

Mortar practice: In the foreground is Reg Beer (SX12727). Can you name the other infantryman?

Platoon mates: Bottom row, middle, Reg Beer (SX12727). Can you name any of the other infantrymen?

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